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Knocking The Door of Aliens

Press Release: September 26, 2015

London, July 2015:
We have picked up the word alien many times. It sets up many doubts in our intellect. We read many reports about this topic. Also, we heard much news about UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) from every corner of the world. Even NASA also stopped their Fly bar project for UFO news. But the real truth has been forever out of our grasp. Now the truth is not so far from us.
Again, our modern scientific discipline has taken up an unbelievable project name The Breakthrough Leans. Alien is the most complicated question for our innovative scientific discipline. To break that curiosity about aliens this project has popped out on 20th July 2015. The approximate expense of this project is 13.5 crores USD. The investor of this labor is the Russian bilinear Euri Milnar.
Stephen Hawking is the principal of this Science fiction. The chief scientists on this project are Lord Martine Rig who is an astronomer of England, Jeo Marjis who is the inventor of maximum numbers of planets and Frank Drekon an astronomer.
The task has started from The Royal Society Science Academy of London. The world famous physicist Stephen Hawking said “Definitely there has life in our endless world”. According to him it’s the vital time to find out the truth.
Nowadays the question is that what they will do in this project. The member scientists on this project will follow 100 nearest galaxies and 10 Lakhs stars by an ultra modern Telescope. They will observe the every inch of our nearest galaxies and stars for upcoming ten years. In a word, we are going to press the doorbell of aliens.
Till now this is the largest project to find out the alien. Before it, a project founded in 1959 called Project Ozma, where scientist Frank Drake has started his work with twenty five meter telescopes and after that in 1980 again a project was initiated by three scientists. In 1971 NASA steps out to find out the cosmos visitors. They put up a mega project named Project Sycolpes. But they were failed to start the project.
The alien’s topic is the hot cake from the starting of our advanced scientific discipline. This is the first time when our scientists have learned a large step to see the realness. Granting to the experts by Breakthrough Leans project we can search the universe 50 times better and 10 times faster. The radio spectrum technology will be utilized for scanning the cosmos and for this cause the scanning will be 5 times quicker.
One of the lead scientists of this project Martin Rig-o said “We have many modern legal documents and then we can easily start the searching process very fast.”But he also advised to don’t be hoped too much because it’s not certain that we will find aliens in our cosmos. And then you can read that it is a gambling which our scientists are failing to work. Thither is a minuscule percentage of chance to engender the success, only if we find the success, then it will be an endless profit for our skill and our world.
Before commencing the project many questions are coming up. The most important inquiry is that, is there really anyone in the cosmos? Poul Devise the scientist of Arizona State University asked many questions. He asked, who will give reply from our side if we able to find out an alien society? In which language we will speak?
In coming days debates will be increased because men have a huge curiosity about alien. The pyramids of Mysore, mysterious beast statue of Easter Island and the various arts of Peru and many other ancient sing make we compel to think about aliens. Many people believe that during our ancient time aliens came to our earth. Not only that, even they improved us by giving us the technology. They touched us to the threshold of modern scientific discipline.
It is also believed by many people that in the Hindu epics The Ramayana and The Mahabharata many characters were aliens even their arms and vehicles were also used by aliens. Not only in the Hindu epics, this type of believe is available in every epic in the world.
Now it’s the time to wait for the answer, will the Breakthrough lean project able to yield the correct result or none?

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