New weight loss WITHOUT surgery for men, by Don Karl Juravin, caused Tim to lose 6 lb ever week

From 262 lbs man to fit 168 lbs in 16 weeks without surgery. The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE claims to be “Cheaper, safer & better than any weight loss surgery”

Tim Spooner (57, Idaho) was unhappy with his body. Weighing 262 pounds he felt fat, heavy and unhealthy. Of course he tried to lose weight but he found it difficult. As a man, he was not into reading “weight loss methods.

“I also suffered from high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. I was physically in bad shape, size 46 pants and I was uncomfortable with my body. The doctors repeatedly recommended me to lose the weight and exercise but did not recommend any method.”

He encountered the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE Facebook group and joined because they claimed to be the strongest weight reduction in America with the fastest weight reduction rate. The group’s guru, Don Karl Juravin, is actually the boot camp leader named #TheDON.

Don Karl Juravin is the inventor and a self proclaimed #1 weight reduction expert in America having helped 80,000 obese people with an average of 130 lbs excess fat. The members constantly posted great success stories and they seemed real. They were losing 2 times faster than gastric bypass or gastric sleeve patients. While weight loss surgery patients lose 6 to 11 lbs per month, successful users in the group seem to lose weight 2 or 3 times faster than that.

“I stalked the group and users’ progress. There were not too many men to follow. I felt guilty spending money on myself. I was skeptical but the desire to get healthy made me order. I was wearing pants size 46 with elastic waist, my wedding ring no longer fit, and I was ready to make a lifestyle change.”

#TheDON does not motivate or provides traditional support or service. Instead, the 40,000 members in the boot camp are expected to have already the motivation to succeed, live longer, be healthier and spend money on their family rather than on doctors and meds. As a former military man in the Israeli army, #TheDON and his staff are running the boot camp as a….. military boot camp and not as a company with “ass kissing” support.

He is a strict leader that doesn’t allow the members to comment any compliments or cheerleading unless a member achieves their healthy weight. “Nothing short of a healthy weight in my weight reduction boot camp.” On a daily basis “weak” members are being kicked out of this tough weight reduction boot camp.

“I love Don and his hidden sarcasm. I think his method is effective and teaches us to focus on a healthy weight, not settle for just a few pounds.”

The regimen is made of a morning mixture creating the “gastric bypass affect”, the Anti-Cravings, metabolism pills, stress pills and reinforcement pills. There is even a set of pills claiming to accelerate weight reduction while you sleep.

As soon as he started using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE regimen he couldn’t eat more than 800-1200 calories a day. He felt full most of the time and satisfied as if his stomach underwent a weight loss surgery. That was a drastic change from the 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day he was used to and it was done without surgery. Having no other choice, he followed the #TheDON instructions, he exercised walking on his treadmill.

Results were immediate like other group members posted:

> Week 16: 168 lbs (94 lbs reduction) before and after post
> Week 14: 179 lbs (83 lbs reduction)
> Week 13: 183 lbs (79 lbs reduction)

> Week 11: 190 lbs (72 lbs reduction)
> Day 60: 202 lbs (60 lbs reduction)
> Week 7: 213 lbs (49 lbs reduction) and stopped high cholesterol medication

> Week 6: 220 lbs (42 lbs reduction)
> Week 5: 226 lbs (36 lbs reduction)
> Week 4: 232 lbs (30 lbs reduction)

> Week 3: 236 lbs (26 lbs reduction) and stopped diabetic type 2 medication
> Week 2: 244 lbs (18 lbs reduction)
> Week 1: 250 lbs (12 lbs reduction)

Tim surprises his college sons with his dramatic weight loss. “I did not tell my sons I was taking the weight loss journey. They seen me months ago. Nick was blown away saying “Dad, you are skinny“. It felt good to be healthy for my kids. I went from wearing my fat jogging pants and T-shirts to wearing button up shirts and jeans like them. It was fun to shop in their closet.”

Tim loves his new healthy lifestyle including exercise regularly and not hating it. I never want to look back and thanks to Don Karl Juravin and his invention, I am a new man.”

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